Nicholas and Anne-Sofie in Viborg - September 2008

Nicholas has just arrived

It was a long trip

Maybe he is russian, Grethe asked?

Working in the kitchen

Working as a plumber

Relaxing in the livingroom - deep concentration to the right

I can mannage the big step!

Looking exiting and quiet

Clap your hand, you stupid guy!

The happy grand mamma and Nicholas

The happy Nicholas and grand mamma

Clever guy - and powerfull guy

I'm the boss, Nicholas said.

One should stick to one's own class

I got him!

I'm the winner!

Grand papa reads for Nicholas

Nicholas takes over.

One more fight

Taking care of the waste

He will be the next Dell Piero

Riding at the ring - the bell

Relaxing with grandmother

See you again December 11 - two days before my one-year-birthday - then I will be walking, I hope!

Gå til hovedsiden

November 17, 2008