The Bornhardt Family trip USA 1999
Thirsday the 6th of July
Rocky Mauntins Colorado
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San Isabel National Forrest, Campground Garfield in Arkansas River valley
Get closer "Give me the 5 dollars,
which she cheated me for in Georgetown"

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Twin Lakes, Rocky Mauntins Colorado
If you encounter a Bear:
- Back away slowly while facing a bear
- Speak softy to the bear and try not to show fear
- Fight back if a bear attacks you. Use rocks, sticks, binoculars or any abject that may be available

Remember: If a bear stands upright or moves closer you, it may be trying to detect smells in the air. This isn't a sign of aggression.

Once it identifies you, it may leave the area or try to intimidate you by charging to within a few feet before it withdraws.

Click for the Map Denver-Goosenecks State Park

Mail to: Knud-Erik Bornhardt
eller mail to: Jorn-Orla Bornhardt.

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Opdated the 4th of August 1999