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3 sisters from Kuregaard
We descended from 3 out of 4 sisters from Kure Farm - Elsebeth, Dorthea and Kirstine Madsdaughter

31. Sg. Ostermarie, Kuregaard, Svanekevej 34, 3740 Svaneke

127 years with our family of 31 freehold farm Ostermarie, Kuregaard
1643-1770 (Owned: 1643-1726 and again: 1738-1761)


Prelude to our story on Kuregaard
In 1645 came a Royal regulation to lead the church books. So it is only after this year, we can find information about our ancestors in church records. In Ostermarie we only have Internet connection to the church record from 1687. In the period 1653-54 there were on the island a severe plague epidemic - "The Great Death ". 5,000 of the island's 13,000 inhabitants died. Many farms were left deserted.
Fortunately survived the pawn on Kuregaard F121-Niels Michelsen (ca. 1620 - ca.1668), his wife M121-Kirsten Carstendaughter Bech (1624-1696), otherwise none of us who are alive today.

Denmark had been through a tough war with the Swedes in previous years. With peace in Roskilde February 26, 1658 we lost Skaane, Halland, Blekinge, Baahuslen and Troendelag and Bornholm to the Swedes. The Swede Johan Printzenskiöld was installed as governor and took Hammershus. After this loss Kong Frederik 3 bricked the windows of Kronborg against Oresund. He could not bear to see the lost land. The Danish windows facing Skaane has been bricked up ever since. The Danes turned his back to Skaane, Halland and Blekinge - forever.
But already in 1659 Bornholm was given back to the Danish king after an uprising on the island. It was the Bornholmers themselves who made sure that Bornholm again became part of Denmark.


First known people in Kure Yard
According to an other genealogy should Niels Michelsen's father be Michel Madsen (1575-1643). It is said that he died in Ostermarie in 1643 then it could be the case that F121-Niels Michelsen (ca. 1620 - ca.1668) got married to M121-Kirsten Carstendaughter Bech (1624-1696) and then took over Kuregaard from his father. But I do not know if his father ever has had Kuregaard. It could also be the case that Niels Michelsen and his wife Kirsten Carstendaughter Bech just have taken over the farm after the plague The Great Death had spent itself. Many farms were empty then. I have not been able to find evidence for these conditions.

In 1658 the authorities draw up a "court roll" (a list) of who drives the individual farms on the island. It was intended to collect taxes to the Swedish King Karl 10 Gustav.
It is in this list, we first see that F121-Niels Michelsen (ca. 1620 - ca.1668) has Kuregaard.

In 1660 happens dramatic things at Hammer. The national traitor Corfitz Jakobsen Ulfeldt and his wife, King Christian 4's daughter, Leonora Christine Christiansdaughter Gyldenloeve, gets caught and imprisoned in the Mantel Tower on Hammershus. After an escape from Hammershus where they were captured by the residents of Sandvig, they were put in the Blue Tower in Copenhagen, one on each floor.

In 1662 the family Niels Michelsen, according to this year's "court roll" still is living at Kuregaard.
According to an other genealogy should the couple have three children: Michel was born in 1645, Karen was born in 1650 and our next generation at Kuregaard their son F118-Mads Nielsen (1662-1694) was born in 1662. Until now, I have not been able to find evidence for this.

In 1668 Niels Michelsen dies. His son Mads Nielsen is only 6 years old, while his two siblings are respectively 23 and 18 years old.
I do not know if the widow Kirsten Carstendaughter Bech continued to drive Kuregaard. From other genealogy it is reported that his son Michel Nielsen died the following year in 1669 and that the daughter Karen Nielsen in 1670 got married to Hans Nielsen and moved to his native farm 30. Sg. Osterlars, Riselundsgaard.

The 48 years old F121-Niels Michelsen was in 1668 probably buried as funerals took place on the island at the time - after quite certain rituals. Both the priest and the clerk showed up already in the morning in the house where the body lay in state parade on a table in the living room. Here the priest made a speech about the deceased and reminded those present about their own mortality. The clerk sang a hymn before and after the minister's speech, after which the body was carried out of the house .
Afterwards they took the body to the church regardless of how far the church was gone. It took place in all weather, as it was considered a shame to let the dead run to its final resting place. There could be quite a long way to go to church, and therefore it wasnormal that there was a stop along the way where they placed the coffin with the dead on a rock or the like.
The places where they stopped, was called "resting stone". It was like a flat rock or a large block of granite, and these places can still be found on the island.
Click on the word "rest stone" to get to the page with an audio clip of a guy from Ibsker telling about this Bornholm tradition in Ibsker dialect .

In 1676 declared King Christian 5 (king 1670-1699) war against Sweden because the Swedes terrorized the population of Skaane. The people of Skaane did on that occasion armed rebellion against the Swedish occupation. When the Danes found out that they could not win they retreated with scorched earth tactics. Many cities, estates, farms and fields were burned by the Danes in this retreat. The rebels were captured by the Swedes. They got a pointed stick shoved up their asses, along with the backbone, and out again at the neck. They were set up as horror example along the road between Ystad and Malmo. One died after approx. a week mostly because of thirst.
All of this means that the widow Kirsten Carstensdaughter Bech and her son Mads Nielsen på Kuregård in Ostermarie probably had been told by visiting fleeing Skaane. It must have shaken them.


The second known family of Kuregaard - The 3 Sisters at Kuregaard
I am almost sure of that M121-Kirsten Carstendaughter Bech (1624-1696) shortly after Niels Michelsen's dead has been married again (in 1668). 14 years later in 1682 the son F118-Mads Nielsen (1662-1694) took over Kuregaard when he got married to M118-Johanne Anders Thiesdaughter (1662 - 1735). She was 20 years old and daughter by the alderman from Svaneke F122-Anders Thiesen (1631-1696) and his wife M122-Elsebye Madsdaughter Kofoed (1637 - 1672). Anders Thiesen was the town judge in Svaneke in 1685-86, cf judges on Bornholm
According to an other genealogy Kirsten Carstendaughter Bech moves to Lyrsby on 37. Sg. Ostermarie, Hoppegaard and got married in1688 with Jens Olufsen Munch (1649-1713)

It has certainly been a big wedding the two 20 years old young people have gotten. Johanne Anders Thiesdaughter was the daughter to a wealthy father alderman F122-Anders Thiesen (1631-1696) from Svaneke.

Weddings on Bornholm could be huge. It is said that "it all begins that the man with an attendant to get marriage in mind showed up to the parents of the girl he had fallen in love in. After he had told the parents that he wanted to marry their daughter, and in this connection had held a little speech, there was a party of what the house managed. Afterwards, it was announced 3 Sundays in a row in the local church that the bride and the groom want to get married.
At the wedding, it was clear to everyone if the bride's parents had money or not. If they had, the young girl was equipped with a distinguished crown during the wedding ceremony in the church. The crown was owned by the church, and the bride's parents could rent it for the occasion, mind you, only if the bride was unpunished.
Afterwards there was of course feast in the bride's home with thanksgiving to God before the bride was brought to bed. Only when it was over, the bridegroom came into the bedroom, where he took the crown of the bride's head and replaced it with his own hat as a sign that she now belonged to him and that she should be his submissive.
Here stops the story of what the newlyweds then did on the wedding night. However, it is said that the bride and groom the morning after receiving wedding gifts, after which the party could go on for days.
Weddings on Bornholm took place always just after the new moon, because it is said to be accidentally connected with marriage at all other times."

On Bornholm Museum in Ronne is miraculously preserved an epitaphium from Svaneke church. The painting shows the alderman Anders Thiesen and his family, and is set up in the church after his first wife, Elsebeth Kofoed, died in the 1672.
The right side of the painting shows the mother of the 6 living daughters and two deceased daughters.
M118-Johanne Anders Thiesdaughter (1662-1735) - the mother of the three sisters - is the third daughter of the row from the right.

From the website of Svaneke friends, I have seen this story of the painting:"In 1676 let the citizen and alderman Andreas Theiss (en) on the north wall of female chairs hang an epitaph (plaque) to his wife Elsebe Kauffutz-Tochter (Kofod daughter) who died in her age of 35 years, 3 February 1672. The chart is 135 cm tall oil painting on wood, of which the frame and part of the right side is missing. Based on Jerusalem in a mountain landscape is seen at the foot of the crucified Christ alderman and his large family, his wife and 17 children, kneeling. A red cross over the heads of his wife and 6 children describe them as dead. Below is a German inscription. The switchboard was removed in Pastor CJ Jessen time (1856-71), used as a door in an outbuilding on a farm, but discovered by the archaeologist, teacher JA Jorgensen and taken to Bornholm Museum ".

Mads Nielsen and Johanne Anders Thiesdaughter have 4 daughters: 3 of these sisters represent our next generations are - the daughter M142-Elsebeth Madsdaughter (1682-1726) born in 1682, the daughter M114-Dorthea Madsdaughter (1686-1748) born in 1686, the daughter Seigne Madsdaughter (1689 - 1736) born in 1689 and the daughter M505-Kirstine Madsdaughter (1692 - ) born in 1692.
In 1688 Mads Nielsen's 64 years old mother the widow M121-Kirsten Carstendaughter Bech (1624-1696) get married to the 39-year-old bachelor Jens Olufsen Munch (1649-1713). They live on 37. Sg. Ostermarie, Hoppegaard, where Kirsten Carstendaughter Bech dies in 1696.

In 1689 Mads Nielsen is living at Kuregaard, according to this year's "court roll" for Ostermarie Parish.

Mads Nielsen dies in 1694. The widow Johanne Anders Thiesdaughter marries shortly after Anders Jensen. The 4 sisters are respectively 12, 8, 5 and 2 years old. Anders Jensen and Johanne Anders Thiesdaughter run Kuregaard until Anders Jensen dies 8 years later, in March, 1702. Now the girls are respectively 20, 16, 13 and 10 years old.
Anders Jensen's widow M118-Johanne Anders Thiesdaughter (1662-1735) was married again in October 1702 with Oluf Nielsen and moved to a house on the property of Kuregaard. Here they lived until Oluf Nielsen's death in 1721.
Johanne Anders Thiesdaughter dies in the age of 73 in 1735 in the house at the property of Kuregaard.


The eldest sister: M142-Elsebeth Madsdaughter (1682-1726) continues to live at Kuregaard in Ostermarie.
In 1701, the eldest of the "three sisters from Kuregaard" M142-Elsebeth Madsdaughter (1682-1726) got married to the widower F142-Hans Andersen (1660-1720). According to an other genealogy his wife died 3-4 years earlier.
I wonder if F142-Hans Andersen (1660-1720) and his wife M142-Elsebeth Madsdaughter (1682-1726) now take over Kuregaard - in 1702.
Mads Nielsen and Johanna Anders Thiesdaughter had not any sons why, in normal customs on Bornholm customs, it was the eldest daughter, who had to take over the farm.

Hans Andersen and Elsebeth Madsdaughter got 4 sons and 2 daughters, all born at Kuregaard: Anders in 1702, Niels in 1707, Michel in 1710 and our next generation the son F141-Mads Hansen Cure (1714-1786) in 1714. Then Kirstine was born in 1716 and Elsebeth in 1720. She was born five months after Hans Andersen died in 1720.
The widow M142-Elsebeth Madsdaughter (1682-1726) got married shortly after in the same year with Niels Andersen Cure. They get the twins Dorthea and Margaret in 1721. Elsebeth gets another set of twins Hans and Karen in April 1726. The son dies already 3 weeks later, and Elsebeth dies 45 year old in May 1726 - a very dramatic end to Elsebeth Madsdaughter's life. At this time our next generation F141-Mads Hansen Cure (1714-1786) is only 12 years old.
Niels Andersen Kure gets married again in November 1726 and with his new wife Kirstine Pedersdaughter he takes care of the many children from Elsebeth Madsdaughter's two marriages. Niels Andersen Kure dies in July 1737.

The 23 year old F141-Mads Hansen Cure (1714-1786) got married in January 1737 to the young widow M141-Anna Hansdaughter Kjoller (1715-1764) and continuing to live in the territory of Kuregaard's property.
Anna was born on Brandegaard in Ibsker in December 1735. Her parents were F143-Hans Andersen and M143-Margrethe His Daughter Kjoller.
Mads Hansen must have had his reservations about marrying Anna Hansdaughter Kjoller. She had already worn down two husbands - Peder Larsen from 30. Sg. Bodilsker, Enegaard and Hans Nielsen from 16. Sg. Munkegaard, Ibsker.

F141-Mads Hansen Cure (1714-1786) buys Kuregaard February 12, 1738, according to List of Money Order
By this acquisition Kuregaard comes back into our direct lineage.

Mads and Anne have 7 children, all born at Kuregaard: Hans in 1737, Elsebeth in 1740 - she died 8 days old, the same thing happens the following year in 1741 - also a girl called Elsebeth. The next child Bertha was in 1744 and Margaret in 1746. Our next generations M12-Elsebeth Madsdaughter (1749-1812) has been born January 2, 1749 and Michel in 1752. As seen from the above the couple wanted to have a daughter named Elsebeth. They got it - and she was our next generation in the family.

On June 30, 1761 Hans Madsen (1737 - ) inherits Kuregaard after his father F141-Mads Hansen Cure (1714-1786) who is still alive, according to List of Money Order. Hans Madsen is the big brother to M12-Elsebeth Madsdaughter (1749-1812)

M141-Anna Hansdaughter Kjoller (1715-1764) is buried in Ostermarie December 13, 1764 and it was mentioned that she is the wife of F141-Mads Hansen Cure (1714-1786). According to the change court order February 15, 1765 after her death, they still lived still at Kuregaard.

F141-Mads Hansen Cure (1714-1786) is buried in Ibsker in 1786.
Mads Hansen must therefore has left Kuregaard in the period between his wifes dead in December 1764 to his death in the first half of 1786.
- Maybe he moved after Anna's death. Here are the two youngest children Elsebeth and Michel, respectively 15 and 12 year old.
- Maybe he moved when his daughter got married in 1772. Here his son is 20 year old.
I do not know when and why.

M12-Elsebeth Madsdaughter (1749-1812) marries F12-Christian Bendtsen (1742-1793), and moves to 38. Sg. Ostermarie, Skadegaard in 1772.
Now our family is no longer residing at 31. Sg. Ostermarie, Kuregaard.

Our family by the eldest sister - M142-Elsebeth Madsdaughter (1682-1726):
F141-Mads Hansen (1714-1786)married to M141- Anna Hansdaughter Kjoller (1715-1764) on 31. Sg. Ostermarie, Kuregaard
M12-Elsebeth Madsdaughter (1749-1812) married to F12-Christian Bendtsen (1742-1793), on 38. Sg. Ostermarie, Skadegaard
F6-Niels Christensen (1782-1864) married to M6-Ellen Kirstine Hansdaughter (1785-1871) on 35. Sg. Ibsker, Pilegaard
F3-Bendt Espersen Nielsen (1817-1897) married to M3-Bodil Kirstine Wefstsdaughter (Jensen) (1821-1887) on 35. Sg. Ibsker, Pilegaard
M1-Bolette Kirstine Nielsen (1847-1921) married to F1-Hans Peter Jensen (1835-1895) on 35. Sg. Østermarie, Lersbygård
Bolette marries his great-great-great-grandmother's sister's great-great-grandson Hans Peter - The sister is M505-Kirstine Madsdaughter (1692 - )
F0-August Otto Jensen (1887-1971) married to M0-Karen Valborg Johanne Markussen (1902-1994). They lived in Lilleroed, Zealand.


The second oldest sister: M114-Dorthea Madsdaughter (1686-1748) continues the family in Ibsker
In 1707 the second oldest of "the 3 sisters from Kure Yard" M114-Dorthe Madsdaughter (1686-1748) gets married to F114-Richardt Olsen (???? -1748) and moves to Listed. They have 3 children: The next person in our generation the daughter M112-Magdalene Karen Richardsdaughter (1712-1779) in 1712, the son Richard in 1723 and the daughter Gertrude in 1730. All the children were born in Listed.
I have not yet documented the information on all the children's birth.

Our family by the next oldest sister - M114-Dorthea Madsdaughter (1686-1748 ):
M112-Magdalene Karen Richardsdaughter (1712-1779) married to M112-Christian Gregersen ( 1705-1762 ) Listed
M8-Gjertrud Christensdaughter (1738-1803) married to F8-Jep Jensen (1735-1783) on 31. Sg. Ibsker, Naskegard
F4-Hans Peter Ibsen (1708-1823) married to M4-Margrethe Kirstine Ibsdaughter (1767-1846) 4. Sg. Ibsker, Knappegaard
F2-Jens Hansen Ibsen (1805-1874) married to M2-Karen Kirstine Andersdaughter (1797-1871) 4. Sg. Ibsker, Knappegaard
Jens marries his great- great-grandmother's sister's great granddaughter Karen - The sister is M505-Kirstine Madsdaughter (1692 - )
M1-Bolette Kirstine Nielsen (1847-1921) married to F1-Hans Peter Jensen (1835-1895) on 35. Sg. Østermarie, Lersbygård
Bolette marries his great-great-great-grandmother's sister's great-great-grandson Hans Peter - The sister is M505-Kirstine Madsdaughter (1692 - )
F0-August Otto Jensen (1887-1971) married to M0-Karen Valborg Johanne Markussen (1902-1994). They lived in Lilleroed, Zealand.


The youngest sister: M505-Kirstine Madsdaughter (1692- ) continues our family on 77. Sg. Ostermarie, Braendegaard
M505-Kirstine Madsdaughter (1692- ) got married to F505-Friedrich Lodvigsen (1680-1739) in 1712 and moved to 77. Sg. Ostermarie, Braendegaard. They got 4 children: Our next generation in our family the son F504-Mads Friderichsen (1722-1782), the son Lars Friderichsen in 1731, the daughter Kirstine Friderichsdaughter in ????, the daughter Gidle Friderichsdaughter in 1719 and Elsebeth Friderichsdaughter in 1725. All children were born on 14. Sg. Ostermarie, Little Ravnegaard, or they were born on 77. Sg. Ostermarie, Braendegaard. I have not yet documented information on all the children's birth.

Our family by the youngest sister - M505-Kirstine Madsdaughter (1692 - ):
M505-Kirstine Madsdaughter (1692 - ) married to F505-Friedrich Lodvigsen (1680-1739) on 77. Sg. Ostermarie
F504-Mads Friderichsen (1722-1782) married to M504-Anne Catharina Nielsdaughter Loller (1726-1808) in Svaneke
M5-Margrethe Madsdaughter (1755-1835) married to F5-Anders Svendsen (1753-1835) in Svaneke
M2-Karen Kirstine Andersdaughter (1797-1871) married to F2-Jens Hansen Ibsen (1805-1874) 4. Sg. Ibsker, Knappegaard
Karen marries her great-grandmother's sister's great- great-grandson Jens - The sister is M114-Dorthea Madsdaughter (1686-1748)
F1-Hans Peter Jensen (1835-1895) married to M1-Bolette Kirstine Nielsen (1847-1921) on 35. Sg. Ostermarie, Lersbygaard
Hans Peter marries his great- great-grandmother's sister's great-great - great-granddaughter Bolette - The sister is M142-Elsebeth Madsdaughter (1682-1726)
F0-August Otto Jensen ( 1887-1971 ) married to M0-Karen Valborg Johanne Markussen (1902-1994) . They lived in Lilleroed, Zealand.


Farmer list for Kuregaard 1643-1749 (numbers in front of the people are my reference numbers)
1643 - 1668: F530-Niels Michelsen (1620-1668) - Wife M121-Kirsten Carstensdaughter Bech (1624-1696)
1668 - 1682: Jens Ollufsen Munch (16??-1713) - Wife M121-Kirsten Carstensdaughter Bech (1624-1696)
1682 - 1694: F118-Mads Nielsen (1662-1694) - Wife M118-Johanne Anders Thiesdaughter (1662-1735)
1694 - 1702: Anders Jensen - Wife M118-Johanne Anders Thiesdaughter (1662-1735)
1702 - 1720: F142-Hans Christian Andersen (1660-1720) - Wife M142-Elsebeth Madsdaughter (1681-1726)
1720 - 1726: Niels Andersen Cure - Wife M142-Elsebeth Madsdaughter (1681-1726)
1726 - 1737: Niels Andersen Cure
1738 - 1761: F141-Mads Hansen Cure (1714-1786) - Wife M141-Anna Hansdaughter Kjoller (1715-1765)
1761 - ????: Hans Madsen Kure (1737 - ) - a son to F141-Mads Hansen Cure (1714-1786) and a bigbrother to M12-Elsebeth Madsdaughter (1749-1812)

1764: M141-Anna Hansdaughter Kjoller (1715-1765) dies at 31. Sg. Ostermarie, Kuregaard
1772: M12-Elsebeth Madsdaughter (1749-1812) gets married to F12-Christian Bendtsen (1742-1793) and moves to 38. Sg. Ostermarie, Skadegaard
Now our family is no longer residing at 31. Sg. Ostermarie, Kuregaard.


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