The story of the life around "Hestegilderen" from Nyby - and around 64. Sg. Aaker, Bobbegaard in the period 1655-1741

Historical background:

In the period 1653-54 there were on Bornholm a violent massive epidemic - "The Great Death".
5,000 of the island's 13,000 inhabitants died - of which 598 in Aakirkeby.
Hans Olsen and Anders Pedersen, we are to follow in this report, both lost children during this period.
The following year in 1655 will 33 couples be married in Aakirkeby.
It is 4-5 times as many as in a normal year.
The families had to be built up again after the plague.
Fortunately survived Anders Pedersen "Hestegilderen" – will be explained later - in Nyby and his wife Gertrud Laurdatter, otherwise none of us would be living today.
Anders Pedersen and Gertrud Laurdatter is the official parents of our ancestor Peder Andersen, Nyby.

But now I will tell a unique story that totally changes this picture.

1655-87 - 64. Sg. Åker, Bobbegård, located north of Akirkeby:
According to the land records Hans Olsen owned 64. Sg. Aaker, Bobbegaard in 1651, 1658 and 1662.
But in 1662 Hans Olsen was 82 years old, so I think his son Anders Hansen has run the farm at this time, while the father remained as the owner in relation to the tax authorities.
Hans Olsen's wife Christine dies 73 years old in 1772.
Hans Olsen dies in 1680 at the age of 100 years and 3 months old.
His son Anders Hansen dies on the property in 1685 leaving his widow Gertrud Mortensdatter: referred to Change of 16 June 1685.
Anders Hansen's son Morten Andersen continues to run the farm, but dies shortly after.
He is survived by his widow M500-Gjertrud Laursdatter; referred to Change after the widow's death of 29 March 1706.

1655-87 - Nyby, located just south of Åkirkeby:< BR> In 1655 "Hestegilderen" in Nyby F500-Anders Pedersen marries with Boel Andersdatter.

Horse breeding was common on farms at the time and it was normal that the colts were castrated when they were about 2 years old. The castrated stallion was labeled "gelding". A gelding is significantly quieter than a stallion and has a better performance of work in the field. This process took place early in the year to avoid flies in the wound. Each district had an authorized person "hestegilderen" to perform castration. He had the exclusive right, and he got 1 Mark per horse.

It turns out, however, that Boel Andersdatter suffering from some mental illness and soon she is leaving home to wander in delirium.
F500-Anders Pedersen gets the church's acceptance that Boel is no longer his wife. It is recorded in the parish register in 1656 that F500-Anders Hansen's woman was buried 56 years old.
Already in 1658 F500-Anders Pedersen marries again with Boel Laursdatter.
In 1660, there is an unfortunate incident. F500-Anders Pedersen's sister Karen Pedersdatter give birth to an illegitimate child F137-Peder, where his father was called "Lars Young".
F500-Anders Pedersen takes the child as his own, and he wears hereafter the name F137-Peder Andersen.

In 1663, gets F500-Anders Pedersen and Boel Laursdatter their daughter Karen, who only live 7 years.
The parishes register in Aakirkeby reports that F500-Anders Pedersen's "Hestegilderen's" - explained above - 56 years old woman Boel is found dead August 17, 1666 and buried in young Peder Ibsen’s forest after she for some years had gone delirious. She was buried in the cemetery on the night of 22 August. She was unclean, as if she were in consecrated ground, it had to be done in secret.
In 1687 dies F500-Anders Pedersen's wife Boel Laursdatter and F500-Anders Pedersen marry shortly after with her sister Morten Andersen's widow M500-Gjertrud Laursdatter of 64. Sg. Aaker, Bobbegaard; referred to Change after her death on March 29, 1706.

1687-1741 - 64. Sg. Åker, Bobbegård, located north of Akirkeby:
The couple F500-Anders Pedersen and his wife M500-Gjertrud Laursdatter is well advanced in years. Probably , he is over 50 years old and she even older.
Therefore F500-Anders Pedersen's son F137-Peder Andersen and his wife M137-Marene Poulsdatter take over the farm after their marriage in 1687.
In the land record of 1689 is no one registered of 64. Sg. Åker. The tax collector hardly have imagined that the old F500-Anders Pedersen has been able to pay anything.
F500-Anders Pedersen and his wife M500-Gjertrud Laursdatter live a quiet life on the farm until M500-Gjertrud Laursdatter dies in 1706; referred to Change after her death on March 29, 1706.
The couple F137-Peder Andersen and his wife M137-Marene Poulsdatter gets their daughter Margrethe in 1688, his son Paul in 1692 and his son F136-Lars Pedersen in 1695.
In 1696 there was once again a tragic incident in the little family. M137-Marene Poulsdatter dies in childbirth when she gives birth to her daughter Dorothea. Dorothea dies a few months later.
F137-Peder Andersen remarries with Maren Esbersensdatter in 1697. They had 5 children in the period from 1698 to 1708 before Maren Esbersensdatter dies at 64. Sg. Åker in 1710; referred to Change after her death on April 1, 1710.
F137-Peder Andersen dies 80 years old April 23, 1741 by her son-in-law Michel Henrichsen at 64. Sg. Aaker; referred to Change after his death by April 26, 1741.
I the Change it says that F137-Peder Andersen died by her son-in-law Michel Henrichsen at 65. Sg. Åker, Egeskov Farm. It must be a typing error when Michel Henrichsen by marriage with F137-Peder Andersen's daughter Karen Pedersdatter in 1730 takes over 64. Sg. Aaker, referred to List of Money Order, where Michel Henrichsen has the property in 1735. His son Peder Michelsen and his wife Kirstine Olsdatter took over the property after his mother's death in 1775, referred to Change after her mother April 26, 1775.
The father Michel Henrichsen is still live on the farm.

I cannot prove when F137-Peder Andersen took over 64. Sg. Åker. But it probably happened in 1687, where I think he married M137-Gjertrud Laursdatter, which probably was the widow of Morten Andersen.
I have not been able to find evidence for Morten Andersen's death.
Primary the Change after M137-Gertrud Laurdatter indicate that this history is correct. But the other changes mentioned above are also a part of my documentation.
I have examined if F137-Peder Andersen could be the son of Anders Hansen, who had the farm 64. Sg. Aaker when he died in 1685. I would like if it was like that, because then I had two limbs more behind in the my family tree, namely Anders Hansen and his father Hans Olsen. But F137-Peder Andersen is not mentioned in the Change after Anders Hansen's death, and the other changes pull both "Hestegilderen" in Nyby F500-Anders Pedersen and several other people in, which I think demonstrates that F137-Peder Andersen is not Anders Hansen's son.

If F137-Peder Andersen had to be the illegitimate son, as I write about above, I do not know. It must be my story. It may be correct. But I cannot prove it.
I have not been able to identify other F137-Peder Andersen, who according to the Change after his death could have been born around 1660.
If my history is correct, then it will be M137-Gjertrud Laursdatter's sister Boel Laursdatter who is the mother of F137-Peder Andersen.
The stories of the people around 64. Sg. Aaker and those around "Hestegilderen" in Nyby indicate that they slide together around 1687-88.
But the whole house of cards will fall apart if the genealogy, I lean slightly up - - are right, then it is a completely wrong F137-Lars Pedersen, I grab. According to this genealogy comes Lars Pedersen from Pedersker. I must dive a little more into this - one day.

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