Gold Wedding Anniversary in Denver, Colorado, March 23, 2002.
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Ellen and John are waiting for the Danes in Denver International airport.
Grethe in the student's apartment

Grethe met Buffalo Bill and got the job on the farm

The Bornhardt family crossed country in the foothills of Rocky Mountains.
To the right, the gold wedding couple

Anne-Grethe's son Janus has placed himself between his two aunts: Lynn and Karin.
To the right, Steen's daughter Jensine placed between her father Steen and her aunt Anne-Grethe.

The bride walls. To the right Jensine and Lise-Lotte

The gold wedding couple and their kids: Lynn, Karin, Anne-Grethe and Steen

The family Knudsen

The pictures below are from the day after the anniversary

The pictures below are from out trip to Grand Lake in Rocky Mountains and for our last day in Denver

Thank you to Moster Ellen and Uncle Svend for a very good anniversary party, and thank you to all the family for a good time together. We are looking forward to the next possibility to be together with all of you.

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Mail to the student

April 12, 2002