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The ESL Class is going to end this week, and the party for Certificate / Karaoke / Potluck in the Den Click here!

Happy birthday Lisse-Lotte. Monday, March 18, you are 9 years old. I am looking forward to see you in Denver the upcoming Thursday Click here!
The Gold Wedding anniversary March 23, 20002 Click here!

When I arrived in Denver no one in my family in US knew anything about it before I sent E-mails and told them about my attebdence at Red Rocks Community College (RRCC). Both my mother and my sister have siblings here in US. My mothers’ sister and her husband are living in Denver. They are going to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary at the end of March. My fathers’ sister is living in Portland with her husband. Both families have four grown kids (my eight US-cousins) spread over the western part of the US. I am looking forward to giveing them, their spouses and their kids a hug, when I meet them all at the gold wedding anniversary.

One of these cousins is my Cousin Steen, who is living in Denver. When he got my mail he was surprised. It was a lucky break for me that the week before he had bought a new car, and on exactly the same day that I met him in Denver, he was going to pick up his second car from the garage. When he heard about my life at RRCC, he offered me to borrow his second car – an El Camino – during my stay here in Golden. As you see, I am well off in that car.

Steen asked me if I wanted to go skiing with him and his 11 years old girl Jensine from his first marriage. If I hadn’t hurt myself so terribly in the skate hall last Friday I would have been looking forward to that trip every day. Now I have to wait and see how my breast and chest react in the coming days.

Steen is a handsome guy a few years younger than I am. He has already visited me twice. We had to drink beer because I haven’t bought red wine yet – but I will.

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Family trip to USA Spring 2002 - The Family trip to Mamphis, New Orleans and Washington, 20002 Click here!

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