The Family Bornhardt’s trip to Canada
Drumheller Valley and the Ryal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, March 1997

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Drumheller Valley.
The Royal Tyrrel Museum.
Map for the Highways to Drumheller Valley.
The Hotel Woody’s Tavern in Tompkins

Drumheller Valley:

Within easy driving distance of Banff, Calgary or Red Deer, a few hours on good highways will take you into another world - the world of startling contrasts between the deep past and the exciting present.
Rolling fields suddenly give way to steep, dry coulees ridged with the strata of hundreds of years of erosion by time, wind and water.
And, through it all, the tranquil Red Deer River gently make its way through parkland and a myriad of recreational opportunities.

The Valley, which is placed 122 m under the Prairie level, has been created by glacial ice. The wind and the water has during thousands of years created the surrounding stony desert which tells about the animals and the geological history through millions of years.
The Valley is well known for the dinosaur fossils, the petrified forest and the characteristic landscape. At the heart of the Big Country, the Drumheller Valley offers visitors a unique combination of spectacular scenery and interesting things to do.

Drumheller Valley has much more to offer the half-million visitors who come to the area annually.
Over 50 attractions are all conveniently located within a 100 square kilometer (60 square mile) area.
You will be able to cover most, if not all by taking one of the three scenic drives offered in the valley.
You will agree, there is no place quite like the "Drumheller Valley".

The Royal Tyrrel Museum:

To the left you see the 10% discount ticket for the Restaurant "Smtty's" we got on the motel in Drumheller:
Hoo Doo Motel, Box 310,Drumheller, Alberta TOJ OJO, Phone: (403) 823-5662

We arrived to Drumheller Valley by Highway No. 9 from the Prairie Saskatchewan, drove by No. 56 to Calgary and back again by Highway No. 1 passing Medicine Hat in direction Virden, Manitoba.
See our story about The Prairie Sakatchewan.

The Hotel Woody’s Tavern in Tompkins.
On our way back to Virden we came to The Hotel Woody’s Tavern in Tompkins, which is a little town between Medicine Hat and Regina in the state Saskatchewan.
First you come into a Saloon as you see in the old western movies. There was a long bar where you could push the bottle of whisky from one end to the other. There were tables where cowboys were playing carts.
When we came upstairs to the rooms there was a nice room in the end of the gangway between the rooms equipped with chairs with red plush. But we could not find the ladies? They had to be there?
The children got the Suite. But the bed in this room was crashed and held together with strings. They took the mattresses, put them on the floor and felt asleep. The door to our room had once been broken up. We could see the border around the door which was crashed like someone had threw himself against the door to get in.
That night we really felt us like cowboys on the prairie. Mail to: Cowboy Family Bornhardt

The Family Bornhardt
26. April 1998