The Family Bornhardt’s trip to Canada
The Rocky Mountains and The Takakkaw Falls in Yoho Valley, April 1997

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The Canadian Rocky Mountains.
The Town Field.
The sign: End of groomed trail.
The Takakkaw Falls.

The Rocky Mountains.
The Canadian Rocky Mountains have 644 hills which are more than 1800 m high and 144 hills which are more than 3000 m high.

The two parks (Banff and Jasper) in the mountains have sharpen hills covered with snow, peacefully valleys, roaring rivers, natural hot springs and wooded hills.

Close to the board to Alberta and the Banff National Park you find Yoho National Park. The nature is very alternating with valleys and hills, lakes and rivers, glaciers and wonderful meadows.

The Town Field:
In the middle of the Park you find the town Field, where the train stops.

On the picture to the left you see the hotel in Field, where we rented the suite.

Close to Field you find the road to The Takakkaw Falls.

We had read about these falls and tried to walk 14 km each way to see it, but we only walked the half way. There was too much snow, around 1,5 m daub.

We came to the sign you see to the left and then we turned around.

"End of groomed trail,
skiers proceeding
beyond this point
should be equipped
for back country travel."

The Takakkaw Falls in Yoho Valley:
Perhaps the most stunning sight in Yoho is Takakkaw Falls - the highest waterfall in Canada, where melt water from the Daly Glacier falls hundreds of feet over a sheer limestone ciff on its way to join the Stoney word meaning "It is wonderful."

Access to the falls is by a road which junctions with the Trans Canada Highway a few miles east of Field, British Columbia.

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