Hans Peter the First, the Second abd the Third
From Naskegård, Baekkegaard and Knappegaard in Ibsker, Little Pilegaard in Poulsker
and Lersbygaard in Ostermarie on Bornholm to Lilleroed on Zealand.

Hans Peter the First (1768 - 1823), Naskegaard, Baekkegaard and Knappegaard

- 31. Sg. Ibsker, Naskegerd:

Tuesday, February 2, 1768 was F4-Hans Peter Ipsen (1768 - 1823) baptized - probably at home, since, according to church records in Ibsker, it was a Tuesday.
He was born on 31. Sg. Ibsker, Naskegaard.
His parrents was F4-Hans Peter Ipsen (1768 - 1823) and M8-Gjertrud Christensdatter (1738 - 1803).

Hans Peter the First's parents ran Naskegaard in the period 1760 - 1769 - from a few years before his grandfather F94-Jens Ibsen (1687-1771) died in 1771, and until the younger brother Anders Jensen was old enough to marry and take over the farm in 1769 . the family continued to live on Naskegaards land where Yep Jensen in his latter years had been mills.

Click here or on the image of Bautaen "Nasken" - right - to see the story of our family's 114 years in 31. Sg Ibsker, Naksegård. - Naskegaard, Ibskervej 35 .

I'm not sure that the photo on the left is of Naskegaard?

Naskegaard, Paradibakkevej 2

Part of the Family Bornhardt in front of Naskegård August 2014: Klaus Kristian Bornhardt (1985) Nicholas Bornhardt Ambrtogio (2007), Anne-Sofie Bornhardt Ambrtogio (1985), Pernille Barkan Volquardsen (1972), Ida Barkan Volquardsen (2006) in front of Emily Bornhardt Ambrogio (2012) and Marco Ambrogio (1974)

- 3. Sg. Ibsker, Bækkegård:

In the first half of 1783 F8-Jep Jensen (1735-1783) bought 3. Sg. Ibsker, Baekkegaard by Propietær Hans Hansen Bech from Thyregaard, Ibsker and moved to Baekkegaard, where Jep Jensen shortly after died at the age of 48 years.
Thyregaard was the smallest propietærgaard in Denmark with its only 21 acres.
On April 24, 1783 the widow payed the fee for the purchase of the farm, see List of Money Order.

Hans Hansen Bech also owns 31. Sg. Ibsker, Pilegaard in October 17, 1788, where he pays money order. Later Pilegård came into the family - one of the owners was one of our ancestors F6-Niels Christensen (1782 - 1864) - But that's a whole other story that I might later report.

F4-Hans Peter Ipsen (1768-1823) was only 15 years old when the family moved to 3. Sg. Ibsker, Baekkegaard, and when his father died in the first half of 1783 Hans Peter the First was not old enough to take over the farm. His mother M8-Gjertrud Christensdatter (1738 - 1803) married as early as 30. September that year with Lars Hansen and ran Baekkegaard with him.
Lars Hansen dies, however, already in 1786, only 33 years old. Gertrud , who is now 49 years old, married for the third time in the first half of 1787 with the 40-year old bachelor Ole Nielsen. At the census July 1, 1787, it was Ole Nielsen, who ran the farm. Hans Peter the First is now 19 years old. They has written 20 years in the census.

At the census February 1, 1801, it is still Ole Nielsen and Hans Peter the First's mother M8-Gjertrud Christensdatter (1738 - 1803) which operates Baekkegaard. According to the census Hans Peter is not on the farm that day. He has by this time taken over Knappegaard, see below.

On May 11, 1803 was M8-Gjertrud Christensdatter (1738 - 1803 buried 65 years old. When her shift June 23, 1803 inherits F4-Hans Peter Ipsen (1768-1823) Baekkegaard. Hans Peter the First is a tidy man, so he paid the tax for the acquisition as early as the 6th of July in the same year, see List of Money Order.

Hans Peter the First operates both Baekkegaard and Knappegaard until his death in 1823, where his youngest son Peder Andersen Hansen inherits Baekkegaard and pay the tax March 20, 1826, acording to the list of Money Order. The widower Ole Nielsen moves to the small fishing village Listed, where he died 64 years old in 1808 and got buried in Ibsker on May 10.

Now Baekkegaard has been put into a side branch of our family.

In other genealogy it is told that F4-Hans Peter Ipsen's (1768-1823) mother M8-Gjertrud Christensdatter (1738 - 1803), has the royal blood in her veins. She had come from King Knud 2 the Holy Svendsen of Denmark. I have not been able to document that. But - who knows - maybe it comes in a different story.
M8-Gjertrud Christensdatter (1738 - 1803) is the daughter of one of the 3 sisters from Kure Farm - Click here to see my story about the three sisters at Kuregaard.


- 4 Sg. Ibsker, Button Farm: On October 24, 1751 married F9-Jep Hansen (1719 - 1769) with his first wife Kirsten Hansdaughter and takes over 4. Sg. Ibsker, Knappegaard. He paid the fee for the purchase November 16, 1751, see List of Money Order
- Kirsten Hansdaughter's father Hans Espersen (1693 - ) had the farm, at least from 1622. He paid, however, for purchasing the 18. 1736, acording to List of Money Order - Kirsten Hansdaughter dies April 13, 1763.

F9-Jep Hansen (1719-1769) married second time with M9-Margrethe Larsdaughter (1734-1798) March 26, 1764. She had in 1734 lost his father F136-Lars Pedersen (1693 - 1734), 7 Vg . Ibsker, Puggegård when she was only 19 weeks old.
His Espersen lived on the farm in 1751 and 1755, acording to a list from the probate court.

F9-Jep Hansen (1719 - 1769) and M9-Margrethe Larsdaughter (1734-1798) have a daughter M4-Margrethe Ibsdatter (1767 - 1846) in 1767 and his son Jep Hansen in 1768
F9-Jep Hansen (1719 - 1769) died on the farm February 8, 1769. Margrethe is just 2 years old.

On June 15, 1769 inherits the youngest son Jep Hansen Knappegaard. The youngest son of F9-Jep Hansen (1719 - 1769) is here only 1 year old. M9-Margrethe Larsdaughter (1734-1798) marries Niels Hansen July 24, 1769, which in practice takes over the farm. Niels Hansen dies one and a half years later.

On January 31, 1770 Niels Hansen of Knappegaarden was buried. He came in a pitiful manner of days. He was on the water mill at night, and when he towards dawn would go home, he had by carelessness got one foot in the mills end where it had come into the blades on the wheel. Thus, they found him dead in the morning in the mill trench in his 24th year - six months after he was married to the widow on the farm.

In the summer of 1770 Bornholm was hitten by a severe smallpox epidemic. Within a few months there died hundreds of children on the island. Those who survived an smallpox attack was usually disfigured for life. Most adults were immune to the disease because they had previously been attacked. Shortly after the turn of the century began on the island - as anywhere in the country - to vaccinate children.

It was Johann Fiedrich Struense who had introduced smallpox vaccination in Denmark before he was executed in 1772. It lasted some time after his death, before the vaccinations were started. Long after it can be seen at weddings remark: "Have had the natural cups" on one or both spouses. There had to be submitted vaccination certificate at weddings and at confirmations.

Regulation on smallpox vaccination in 1810 :
In the early 1800's, Denmark was hit by a series smallpox epidemics. It was in 1810 Frederik 6 and the Danish Chancellery, together with Vaccination Commission to draft this regulation, which required citizens to be vaccinated against smallpox. Regulation could not force people to be vaccinated, but a precondition for example, confirmation , marriage, schooling, apprenticeship and military service was that you could prove that you have overcome one koppesygdom or undergone vaccination. Through this vaccination certificate, which in this source are available under Regulation text, therefore, there was indirect coercion.

Through the centuries, smallpox (variola) ravaged much of the world. It was a highly contagious infectious disease which resulted in a high temperature and blistering all over the body. Mortality was often 10-25%. If you survived, you were subsequently immune to the disease. Popular belief was that the body impure liquids tried to get out through smallpox blisterings, and if they came out, you could be a leper. We tried various treatments ranging from leeches and cupped, reflecting the impure liquid to the risky inoculation where you instilled stuff from a sick blistering into healthy individuals .

The latter method was to become the forerunner of the later vaccination form, invented by Englishman Edward Jenner (1749-1823), who in the late 1700's discovered that milk maids in his district did not get smallpox. He could then demonstrate good performance by inoculation with cowpox (a milder form of smallpox) and thereby make people immune. The method was gradually recognized and widespread across most of Europe. Enlightenment ideals of science helped to convince the medical profession and medical science of the method's effectiveness. At the same time also Danish doctors, under the inspiration of philosophical ideas from the south , started to focus on prevention and not just treatment.
The political leadership was - affected by the mercantilist tendencies - become aware of the value of a large and healthy population crowd, which affected their responsiveness to the doctors and their role in disseminating the vaccine.


M9-Margrethe Larsdaughter (1734-1798) marries Hans Rasmussen March 31, 1770. It was her third marriage. Her daughter M4-Margrethe Ibsdatter (1767 - 1846) is now 3 years old. At the census July 1, 1787 live M9-Margrethe Larsdaughter (1734-1798) on Knappegaard with her third husband Hans Rasmussen and the 20 years old daughter from her first marriage M4-Margrethe Ibsdatter (1767 - 1846). Acording to a list from probate court by her brother in 1785 Margrethe Larsdatter and her husband Hans Rasmussen still lives on Knappegaard . His brother had come of days when he drowned in a well.

Hans Rasmussen died at Knappegaard in 1790, after which F4-Hans Peter Ipsen (1768 - 1823) probably buys Knappegaard. He pays the fee for purchase March 27, 1794, acording to the list of Money Order - and marries the daughter of the farm M4-Margrethe Ibsdatter (1767 - 1846) on June 21,1794. They had 6 children: The sons Jeppe in 1804, our next generations have been F2-Jens Hansen Ibsen (1805 - 1874) of March 16, 1805, Christian Gregersen in 1807 and Peter Anders in 1810. Then the daughters Magdalene Margrethe in 1799 and Kirstine Marie in 1802.

M9-Margrethe Larsdaughter (1734-1798) dies at Knappegaard November 17, 1798. At the census July 1, 1801 lives, the 34 -year-old F4-Hans Peter Ipsen (1768 - 1823) and his 35 years old wife M4-Margrethe Ibsdatter (1767 - 1846) on Knappegaard with their 3-year-old daughter Magdalene Margrethe. F4-Hans Peter Ipsen (1768 - 1823) inherits Baekkegaard after his father's death in 1803. Read the story about Baekkegaard further up on this page .

F4-Hans Peter Ipsen (1768 - 1823) dies at Knappegaard June 26, 1823 and probate court afte rhis dead took on in 1825-26. Given the extensive courts are over Christian Kofoed is paying the fee for purchase by Knappegaard March 20, 1826, acording to the list of Money Order - Perhaps he takes over the farm already in 1823, when Hans Peter Ibsen dies. By list from probate court February 17, 1825 after F4-Hans Peter Ipsen (1768 - 1823) the widow M4-Margrethe Ibsdatter (1767 - 1846) lived on both 4. Sg. Knappegaard and on 3. Sg. Baekkegaard in Ibsker with his son Peter Anders Hansen and her daughters Magdalene Margrethe Ibsdatter and Kirstine Marie Ibsdatter , while his son F2-Jens Hansen Ibsen (1805 - 1874) served on 23. Sg. Osterlars, Kelsebygaard. Their eldest son Jeppe Hansen served on 11. V . Osterlars, Kirkebogaard .

Now our family's time as owner of Knappegaard is over.

Family's subsequent life:
The 28 year old bachelor F2-Jens Hansen Ibsen (1805 - 1874) is the carpenter of Svaneke when he March 20, 1833 in Ibsker Church marries the 35-year-old M2-Karen Kirstine Andersdatter (1797-1871). It was noted in church records that Jens Hansen was vaccinated 29 July and 18 August against smallpox.
It is reported also in the parish register, the bride - the mother A. Petersen's widow in Svaneke - have had the natural smallpox in 1799 - Then Karen Kirstine was only 2 years old - as the best man certificated, dated February 23, 1833.

At the census February 18, 1834 the 29 year old F2-Jens Hansen Ibsen (1805 - 1874), known as carpenter and his 35 year old wife M2-Karen Kirstine Andersdatter (1797-1871) lived together with their newborn baby daughter Signe Caroline Hansdaughter in house number 90 in Svaneke. They had a Signe Jensdaughter of 64 years living and Jens Hansen Ipsen's mother Margrethe Ibsdatter 67 years. The daughter died in May 1834th

At the census February 1, 1840 the widow M4-Margrethe Ibsdatter (1767 - 1846) probably lived with her son -the 25 year old bachelor Peder Anders Hansen at 3. Sg. Baekkegaard in Ibsker. He took over Baekkegaard after his father's death in 1723 - F4-Hans Peter Ipsen (1768 - 1823) - or a bit later, see the story of Baekkegaard above.

F2-Jens Hansen Ibsen (1805 - 1874) and M2-Karen Kirstine Andersdatter (1797-1871) had 3 children: First the daughter Signe Caroline born at home January 16, 1834. She was baptized at home and the baptism was published in the church February 12 1834. She died six years old. Then our next generations have been the son F1-Hans Peter Jensen (1835 - 1895) - Hans Peter the Second - who was born June 8, 1835 in Svaneke and at last the daughter Signe Caroline, who was born July 18, 1841 in Svaneke. She married carpenter Anders Larsen October 28, 1870 and died 64 years old October 20, 1905.

At the census February 1, 1845 the couple lived in house number 99 in Svaneke together with their two living children: Our next generations have been the 10 year old son F1-Hans Peter Jensen (1835 - 1895) - Hans Peter the Second - and the 4 year old daughter Signe Caroline.

Hans Peter the Second was not very good in school. At his confirmation in 1849, he got the character TG in knowledge (Rather good - but not good enough), but after all MG (very good - but only middel good) in behavior. The family lived in the same house five years later in the census in 1850, while the couple in the census February 1, 1870 lived alone in a front building on matr. No. 27d Svaneke.


Hans Peter the Second (1835 - 1895), 3-4 years on 23. Sg. Poulsker, Little Pilegaard - after that 35. Sg. Ostermarie, Lersbygaard

The 30-year old bachelor F1-Hans Peter Jensen (1835 - 1895) and the M1-Bolette Kirstine Nielsen (1847 - 1921) was married July 21, 1865 in Ibsker Church. It was the day after the Danish and the Prussian troops made a truce in South Jutland and Denmark had lost the war, after which South Jutland was no longer a part of Denmark.

F1-Hans Peter Jensen (1835 - 1895) and the M1-Bolette Kirstine Nielsen (1847 - 1921) have probably bought 23. Sg. Poulsker, Little Pilegaard in the period 1866-69. At the census February 1, 1870, they lived at 23. Sg . Poulsker, Little Pilegaard with their first 2 children - Hansine Boline Jensen born in Ibsker about 1866 and Anne Karoline Jensen born in Poulsker about 1869.

They had Bolettes father and mother living in pensioner - F3-Bent Espersen Nielsen (1817 - 1897) at 53 years old born in Ibsker and M3-Bodil Kjerstine Weftsdaughter (1821 - 1887) at 48 years old born in Østermarie.
In addition lived the widow Marta Katine Summer aged 80 years old born in Poulsker. It says she is a relative. But I know she was the widow of the former owner of the farm Jephta Pedersen Sommer - and I don't think she was a person in our family.

-Hans Peter Jensen (1835 - 1895) buys 35. Sg. Ostermarie Lersbygaard in 1870. The 52 acre large farm was bought for 8.100 dollars of the estate by the sandman in the Southern District J. P. Sonne and his wife. It is seen from the trade that H. P. Jensen lived at 23. Sg . Poulsker, Little Pilegaard at the time of purchase. According to the bracketed book of 1876 was the farms size 52 acres with bracketed 6 acres, 3 bushels, 1 peck.

At the census February 1, 1880, the family F1-Hans Peter Jensen (1835 - 1895) and the M1-Bolette Kirstine Nielsen (1847 - 1921) and their first 4 children lived at Lersbygaard. They still had Bolette's father and mother living in pensioner - F3-Bent Espersen Nielsen (1817 - 1897) at 62 years old born in Ibsker and M3-Bodil Kjerstine Weftsdaughter (1821 - 1887) at 58 years old born in Østermarie. In addition, there lived two servants. At the census February 1, 1890, the family and 8 of their children - of which F0-Otto August Jensen (1887 - 1971) - still lived on the farm. In addition Bolette's father the widower F3-Bent Espersen Nielsen (1817 - 1897) at 72 years old and a laborer lived on the farm.

After F1-Hans Peter Jensen (1835 - 1895) died in 1895 his son Niels Kristian Jensen yook over the farm and thus also responsible for the resident family. The youngest son, who normaly takes over the farm after death, was our next generations have been F0-Otto August Jensen (1887 - 1971). He was only 8 years old at this point and therefore not prepared to take over the farm. But it did not matter - see the text on the left.

At the census in Ostermarie February 5, 1901 for the property Matr. No. 41a, Lersbygaard you can read that M1-Bolette Kirstine Jensen (1847 to 1921) - who moved to the parish in 1870 from Povlsker - still own the farm, and that her son Niels Christian Jensen manage the farm.

In the parish of Ostermarie about Otto August Jensen (1887 - 1971) you can read: "He was - because of the long road to Østermarie Church and infirmity - confirmed of the preast John Motzfeldt in St. lbs Church 6 October 1901. Ratings: "mg" (it means: Not very good but "OK") in both knowledge and relationships" - which is meant by that?

At the census in Ostermarie February 5, 1906 for the property 35. Sg. Lersbygaard you can read that M1-Bolette Kirstine Jensen (1847 - 1921) still lives on the property with her daughter Hansine Jensen and her two sons Otto August Jensen (1887 - 1971) and Niels Christian Jensen, now listed as the farmer.

Now Lersbygaard has been put into a side branch of our family.

On Tuesday night (21.02.1984) a violent fire raged Lersbygård in Østermarie.

The farm's large barn burned down,
while managing fire fighters succeeded to save the farmhouse and two smaller wings.

In the burned barn there were 25 saws, 300 pigs and two heifers.
The firefighters succeeded to enter the barn and got all the animals out, before the roof and the ceiling collapsed.

When the authorities got the alarm, they were told that two kids were missing.
So the first rescue vehicle which met in the place was an ambulance with a smoke diver.
Fortunately, the children were not in the barn.

Google photo 2014

Lyrsbygaard August 2014 - Family Bornhardt: Hans Peter the 4th. (1978), me - Knud-Erik (1946)- Emily Bornhardt Ambrogio (2012) in the arms of Anne Dienesen Bornhardt (1985), Frederikke Dienesen Bornhardt (2010) sitting in front of Grethe Bornhardt (1949), Anne-Sofie Bornhardt Ambrogio (1985), Klaus Kristian Bornhardt (1985), Nicholas Bornhardt Ambrogio (2007) sitting in front of Marco Ambrogio (1974), Pernille Barkan Voquardsen (1978), Ida Barkan Volqardsen (2006) sitting in front of Jan Volquardsen (1963)

The Family's subsequent life:
At the census February 5, 1911 F0-Otto August Jensen (1887 - 1971) was one of the counts Commissioners.
He stood at the top of the list and should count 9 properties with 75 people.
He began with the property he lived on and took with neat writing:
35. Sg. Ostermarie - Lersbygaard:
Here lived the 24-year old Otto August Jensen with his older brother Niels Kristian Jensen and Niels Kristian's wife Marie Margrethe Jensen and their 2 children.
In addition lived Otto's and Kristian's 64 years old mother M1-Bolette Kirstine Nielsen (1847 - 1921) and a young girl and a control assistant on site.

The soldier on the left and on the right is F0-Otto August Jensen (1887 - 1971)

Niels Peter Nielsen, 1868-1948 - Photographer from about 1890
Født i Holbæk, død i København. Lært hos Th. Thaarup, i 1890-1893
1893-1895: Falkonerallé 33.
1897-1902 Dronn. Tværgade 33.
1902-1908 do og Gothersgade 11.>
1908-1910 Dronn. Tværgade 33.
1910-1915 Gothersgade 11. - The photo to the left has been taken in 1910-11. Otto started as soldier April 24, 1910
1915-1920 ff Gothersgade 41.

The picture to the right is a picture of Bolette Kirstine Nielsen - probably taken on her 70th birthday on Nov. 19, 1915.
It is a slice of the image to the left.
Both pictures has been taken and sat up by the photographerWaldemar Myhre - - I received this information by Hanne Skovgaard, who is the grandson of Otto's brother Herman Peder Jensen:
Bolette Kirstine Nielsen (my and Hannes great grandmother) November 19, 1847 - November 20, 1921 married with Hans Peter Jensen, Lyrsbygaard.
Her daughter Anine Karoline Jensen May 10, 1869 - February 10, 1923 married with Christian Kofoed, Major in the town.
Her granddaughter Karen Hansine Kofoed March 2, 1891 - July 28, 1961 married with Janus Lund, Albuegaard
Her great-granddaughter (Karen Hansines daughter) Aase Kofoed Lund August 17, 1912 -

At the census in Ostermarie February 1, 1916 you can read about the property Lersbygaard, matr. no. 41 a, b - that Niels Christian Jensen lived on the property with his second wife Marie Margrethe Jensen and his two children from his first marriage Betty Skovgaard Jensen, born 1907, Orla Skovgaard Jensen, born 1910.

The photo above left is taken by the photographer Valdemar Myhre (1864-1916), Svaneke - after 1912 - probably in 1915, look at the story of the coin from 1912, which is printed on the image.
It was one of Valdemar Myhres last pictures when he died the following year.
The medal Valdemar Myhre got in Antwerp in 1912 and it was subsequently reproduced in blind press photo cartons. "Gevaert" is a Belgian photo company - "Wettgewerb" means competition.

Note - that the mark closest to the left suffered "Aft." - It is marked on the image of Bolette and a pert of her family.

Niels Christian Jensen and his wife also had his mother widow M1-Bolette Kirstine Nielsen (1847 - 1921) and his younger brother 28 year old bachelor F0-Otto August Jensen (1887 - 1971) residents.

At the census November 5, 1921, the family Niels Christian Jensen lived with his second wife Marie Margrethe Jensen and his two children from his first marriage Betty Skovgaard Jensen, born 1907 and Orla Skovgaard Jensen, born 1910. Niels Christian Jensen and his wife also had his mother the widow M1-Bolette Kirstine Nielsen (1847 - 1921) and his younger brother, the 34-year-old bachelor F0-Otto August Jensen (1887 - 1971), born 1887 in resident. The widow M1-Bolette Kirstine Nielsen (1847 - 1921) dies 2 weeks after the census 74 years old on 35. Sg . Ostermarie, Lersbygaard November 20, 1921.

At the census November 5, 1921 in Ibsker the property matr. No. 98, Graaløkke says: Here lived the 19 year old mailden M0-Karen Valborg Johanne Markussen (1902 - 1994) as a housekeeper for the 37-year-old widower Herman Peter Jensen - a big brother to her future spouse F0-Otto August Jensen (1887 - 1971) - and his four children. In addition, there lived two servants on the property where one of them was Karen's 16 year old sister Hedvig Markussen .
Herman's wife Margrethe Christine Jensen, born Skovgaard died May 18, 1918, leaving 4 children where the youngest Aksel (born September 19, 1917 ) was 8 months old. F0-Otto August Jensen (1887 - 1971) was goodfather to Aksel's baptism November 18, 1917 .

F0-Otto August Jensen (1887 - 1971) and M0-Karen Valborg Johanne Markussen (1902 - 1994) was married November 23, 1921 in Osterlars Church.

In the picture to the left is the wedding couple Karen and Otto, of 23 November 1921

M0-Karen Valborg Johanne Markussen (1902-1990) - pictured left - was born August 11, 1902 on a parcel of 7 sg. in Osterlars and baptized in Osterlars Church on October 19, 1902. Her parents were Ludvig Mathias Markussen and Petra Andrea Marie Hansen Osterlars. She was confirmed in Østerlars Church on Oct. 1, 1916: My father's cousin Ole Markussen has genealogy data for Ludvig Mathias Markussen and Petra Andrea Marie Hansen - the images on the right.

After the marriage the newly wed couple probably moved in to Otto's brother Herman Jensen Graaløkke in Ibsker. It was here that the young bride worked as housekeeper for the widower Herman Jensen. F0-Otto August Jensen (1887 - 1971) and M0-Karen Valborg Johanne Markussen (1902 - 1994) had 3 children: Hans Peter Jensen - Hans Peter the third - born September 23, 1922 at Graaløkke in Ibsker, Orla Jensen Markusen, born on May 22, 1925 in Vester Marie and Gurli Jensen, born 20 April 1929 in Østermarie.

Graaloekke [grro-ly-an). In 1923 Graaloekken. - Arable land in the vicinity of Langensgaard. - Paradise Hill Road 25 - Graaloekke

Gråløkke August 2014 - Part og the Family Bornhardt:
Klaus Kristian Bornhardt (1985)
Emily Bornhardt Ambrogio (2012) in front of Marco Ambrogio (1974),
Nicholas Bornhardt Ambrogio (2007) in front of Anne-Sofie Bornhardt Ambrogio (1985),
Ida Barkan Volquardsen (2006) in front of Pernille Barkan Volquardsen (1972)

Hans Peter den Tredje (1922 - 1971)

September 23, 1922 Hans Peter Jensen (Bornhardt) was born
- Hans Peter the Third - i Graaloekken
on the farm owned by his fathers brother Herman Jensens on matr. nummer 98, Graaloekke, Ibsker Sogn, Bornholm eastern township.
His father F0-Otto August Jensen (1887 - 1971) war 35-years-old
(born August 5, 1887)
and M0-Karen Valborg Johanne Markussen (1902 - 1994),
who was 20-years-old (born August 11, 1902).

Hans Peter was baptiezed December 26, 1922 by Peter Hans Moeller in Vestermarie Church.

The Name-change has been recorded in the church book September 17, 1944 - illuminated by Frederiksberg Police Appeal - A bit special, as it was 2 days before the Germans arrested the Danish police during the occupation.

Since the baptism took place in Vestermarie Church the small family probably has moved from Gråloekke to matr. No. 50e Nordholt - a parcel of 44. selvejergaard (Ll. Gadegaard) - by Hans Peter's birth in September 1922 and before his baptism in Christmas 1922.
The picture to the right is a photo of Herman Jensen's wife Margrethe Christine Skovgaard (1882-1918) - Hanne Skovgaards grandmother - Karen Valborg Johanne Markussen described her as a very beautiful lady, which I have to agree with her.

I have a special story about "Uncle Herman Jensen" from Graaloekke, but it is not suitable for publication on the Internet.

At the census November 5, 1925 lived F0-Otto August Jensen (1887 - 1971) and M0-Karen Valborg Johanne Markussen (1902 - 1994) in Vestermarie on matr. No. 50e Nordholt of 22 Sg. Ostermarie, Sjaelegaard with their first two children - the 3 year old Hans Peter and the newborn Orla. In addition, Karen's 12 year old brother Knud Leo Markussen, Østerlars lived on the farm.

Knud Markussen would later become a very important person for Hans Peter's four children,
as we all have enjoyed many summer vacations at his and his wife Else Markussen's property - the smallholding Vietsvang in Osterlars.

The family must have moved from 50e Nordholt in Vestermarie to a parcel of 22 Sg. Ostermarie, Sjaelegaard after the census November 5, 1925 and before Gurli's birth April 20, 1929.

At the census November 5, 1930 F0-Otto August Jensen (1887 - 1971) and M0-Karen Valborg Johanne Markussen (1902 - 1994) lived in Ostermarie on a parcel of 22 Sg. Ostermarie, Sjaelegaard with their three children - the 8 year old Hans Peter the Third, the 5 year old Orla and the 1 year old Gurli. In the census it is stated that Otto August Jensen was not at his residence at the time of counting. He was working for the farmer Kofoed at Sjaelegaard In the census of Ostermarie in 1930 can be seen that Otto August Jensen's brother Niels Christian Jensen still owns and lives on 35 Sg. Ostermarie, Lersbygaard.

Familien Otto og Karen Jensen i Lillerød.

F0-Otto August Jensen (1887 - 1971) and M0-Karen Valborg Johanne Markussen (1902 - 1994) moved to Lilleroed Zealand where the children went to school - I do not know when.

My cusin Joyce from US Has written to me and told me, taht the story aabout the family moving to Lillerod was as follow:
"Mom (Gurli) was 3 years old so it would have been in 1932 (the family moved from Bornholm to Lillerød). Mormor (Karen) and my mom moved first to find a place to live. Morfar (Otto), Hans Peter and Orla came later. Karen was to take over a job at a furniture refinisher where her sister Helga had been working".
It was on "Fritz Hansen Furniture Factory" - The image on the left. I have a set of chairs, which are some of the first pre-fabricated chairs in Denmark. Otto and the children soon followed, and Otto got a job on the farm "Whitestone" - The image to the right.

In 1932 the family Otto and Karen Jensen moved with their three children, Hans Peter, Orla and Gurli into one of the buildings Lyngvej 3 or 5 in Lillerød.

To the left is a picture of the buildings, as they appear in 2014. On the right, you see a map section of Lillerød where the buildings can be seen on the right side of Gl. Lyngvej.

Joyce wrote to me:
"Otto and Karen built the house (Skelvej 5) in Lillerød around 1934-1935 which I was lucky to be able to see on my trip (to Demark) in 2011. Cousin Frank took me to see Cousin Grethe and her husband Steen who now live there.

In the picture to the right you can see Skelvej in the beginning at Gl. Lyngvej.
On the map to the left is Skelvej 5 indicated.
Karen, who now lives in the remodeled house, is the daughter of Villy Markussen (and his wife Karen) - Villy is the brother of M0-Karen Johanne Markussen (1902-1994)

The maps on the left and on the right shows a number of different locations in Lillerod related to our family.
Tom Markussen is the brother of M0-Karen Valborg Johanne Markussen (1902-1994).
Tom's wife called Ruth.
Toftehave is the farm, as Villy Markussen, who is also the brother of Karen, and his wife Karen lived on.
Ella is Karen's sister. She was married to Einar and had a son Frank, who Joyce mentions, and a daughter Inge.

F0-Otto August Jensen (1887 - 1971) died aged 84 December 8, 1971 in Lillerød and was buried in Lillerød Church.
M0 Karen Valborg Johanne Markussen (1902-1994) died 91 years and 10 months old June 7, 1994 in Lillerød and was buried June 11, 1994 in Lillerød Church.

The picture on the left was taken on the property Skelvej 5 in Lillerød Zealand about 1940-42.
Here the family lived under the Germn occupation.

From left it is Kay, Orla, Inga, her sister Elsabeth, Else.
In front it is Gurli and Elsabeth.
Behind from left Karen, Henri and Hans Peter the Third.
It should be Jytte, who is hiding herself behind Else.

Ole Markussen (son of Karens brother Bjarne) has told me,
- that Henri, Inga and Elisabeth are children of Eva,
- that Else, Kay and Jytte are children of Helga.

The picture on the left was taken a summer at Vietsvang.
Probably in the summer of 1955
From left Else Markussen,
the neighbor's son,
Else and Knud's son Poul Erik,
Hans Peter the Third's cousin Ivar Markussen
Hans Peter the Third's eldest daughter
Inge-Lise in front of them
and Hans Peter the Third's eldest son Knud-Erik.


Vietsvang August 2014 - In August 2014 the farm is owned by Mads Hjuler Pedersen, Stavnsdalsvej 36, 3760 Gudhjem. Alle the production buildings has been taken down. The way into the farms center was placed through the house under the window in the roof. Now it is a part of the house.

Hans Peter the Third (1922 - 1971) got married Addy Franzine Hansen (1923 - 1979) September 16, 1944. Shortly before the wedding, my father bought the name "Bornhardt". Later, he said that it was the first name they came up to in a list that beginning with "A". It was a German name - Slightly odd choice in 1944. My father died April 1, 1971, and I have never asked him how they could find to buy a German name at this time under the occupation.
Hans Peter the Third (1922 - 1971) and Addy Franzine Hansen (1923 - 1979) moved after their marriage into a firswt floor apartment on Henrik Ibsensvej in Frederiksberg. They lived here as they had their first child son Knud-Erik (me) May 14, 1946. Two years later they moved to a second floor apartment on Lundtoftevej in Lyngby, north of Copenhagen. Here was the daughter Inge-Lise born April 4, 1949. Shortly after they moved to annother second floor apartment - Lyngbygårdsvej 124. Here was the son Jorn-Orla born July 21, 1954. Shortly after the family moved to the neighboring apartment. Here was the daughter Anne-Marie born September 24, 1959. At each move the family got one room extra.

In the mid-1960s Hans Peter the Third (1922-1971) and Addy Franzine Hansen (1923-1979) built their dream house on Nordskraenten 13 in Gl. Holte approx. 8 kilometers north of Lyngby. Here they had summer house some years before the construction began.
The family's life was abruptly dissolved April 1, 1971, when Hans Peter the Third (1922-1971) suddenly died. His wife was at this time seriously ill with Multiple Sclerosis and shortly after his death she moved to a nursing home palced close to the beautiful Bagsvaerd Church (Drawn by Joergen Utzon). Here she lived for 8 years before she died in October 1979.

In the picture to the left you see the silver wedding couple Addy and Hans Peter the Third. The photo was taken at the silver wedding party on Nordskrænten 13 in Gl Holte, Zealand in September 1969 - one and a half year before Hans Peter the Third died.

The genus by Hans Peter the Third:
Hans Peter and Addy got as previously told 4 children: Knud-Erik in 1946, Inge-Lise in 1949, Jorn-Orla in 1954 and Anne-Marie in 1959, The eldest son Knud-Erik got into his first marriage with Dorte (born Barkan in 1946) a daughter - Pernille in June 1972. During the second marriage to Grethe (born Nielsen in 1949) were born three children: Hans Peter the Forth in July 1978 and the twins Klaus Kristian and Anne-Sophie in August 1982.
Grethe and Knud-Erik managed to maintain the tradition that in every two generations have been to be born a son whose name would be Hans Peter. It was not hard to maintain the tradition, as both Grethe's grandparents was named Hans Peter. Thus we came to the preliminary final Hans Peter in our family - Hans Peter the Forth - How this tradition will be continued - yes - it will be a completely different story. This story will probably not be told before I have left this world - many years after, I think.

Pernille is married with Jan Volquardsen and has got a daughter Ida in 2006. Cllick here to see the pictures from the wedding.
Hans Peter the Forth was married to Anne Dienesen and got a daughter Frederikke in 2010 and Jeppe in 2015,
Anne-Sofie has been married to Marco Ambrogio and got his son Nicholas in 2007 and their daughter Emily in 2012. Cllick here to see the pictures from the wedding.
Kristian is still a bachelor.

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