The Traitor, the Murderer and the National Hero
Our family from Bornholm in the midle of the 1400-century to 1691.
- Ancestors of the couple F12-Christen Bendtsen (1742 - 1793) and M12-Elisabeth Madsdatter (1749 - 1812) - She was born at Kuregaard
- Great-grandparents to F0-Otto August Jensen (1887-1971) - my childrens great-grandfather.

My working method: I is based on someone else's genealogy, but only includes people I have been able to find in official sources, such as church records, court records and the like. I methodically worked my way back from my grandfather F0-Otto August Jensen (1887-1971) to the people you can read about here. I have previously completed two reports on the Internet: "Naskegaard" og "3 sisters from Kuregaard."
The numbering in front of the persons names are reference numbers in my family tree.
Special source to this website: The Royal Library, Pedigree of family Koefoed, compiled and published by Jul. Bidstrup i 1886 (Forlaget P. Hauberg & Co) See my notes in the buttom of this page.

In 1886 Jul. Bidstrup in his preface to his family tree has written: "With regard to the family's nobility, I will only note that there is no doubt that Judge Jens Koefoed was a nobleman, as he received his appointment as a High Court judge and the other royal letters addressed "our man and servant", which is the time designation of a nobleman. But he left no descendants. However, it is certain that he was akin to the rest of the family, as F39-Mads Koefoed, Claus Koefoed, Peder Koefoed, Oluf Koefoed and Albret Hansen had sold to Jacob Koefoed all the left part and share in Kyndegaard, as are those inherited them after the noble-born blessed Jens Koefoed, previous High Court Judge. How he has been akin to those apparent has not been told in that document."
Jul. Bidstrup reports further: "In 1786 Gjessing reports on its pedigree of the family Koefoed, the Danish noble men of the name Koefoed with the Family weapons have been among the Normans, who occupied Normandy. Moreover, he reports that when Wilhelmus Conqvestor 1063 came from Normandy to England, existed among the Norman nobles who followed him someone named Arnfred Kofod, but between him and the Bornholm family of the same name, it will appear probably be very difficult to prove any connection."


Adelen i slægten

The earliest people I can find in this subgenus are F39-Mads Jensen Koefoed (14?? - efter 1481) and his wife M39-Elisabeth Olufsdatter (14?? - efter 1481). Mads has been born in Hasle on Bornholm, where he later became a merchant and owner of 2. Vg. Olsker, Little Haslegaard.
They got 4 kids: Oluf, Anna, og Cathrine, all died young, and our next generations have been the son F33-Jens Madsen Koefoed (1481 - 1519).

F33-Jens Madsen Koefoed (1481 - 1519) got maried to M33-Johanne Thygesdatter (1??? - 15??) and came in 1496 in the service of Archbishop Byrge in Lund, with aristocratic privileges he was recorded in the nobility for his faithful service, manhood, sense and showed Merits, jf. The patent of nobility, dated June 14, 1514.
They got 5 kids: At first the daughters Karen, Margrethe and Johanne, who all died as small kids. Then the son Oluf Jensen Koefoed, who later became mayor of Ronne - and our next generations have been the son F29-Mads Jensen Koefoed (15?? - 1???).

F29-Mads Jensen Koefoed (15?? - 1???) became Mayor of Ronne. We do not know his wife.
They had two children: The daughter Kirstine and our next generations have been the son F27-Hans Koefoed (1572 - 16??).

F27-Hans Koefoed (1572 - 16??) lived on the Proprietary Farm Blykobbegaard in Nyker Parish and described himself as "a squire or a nobleman", named this May 6, 1608. Together with her for us unknown wife he got 7 children: First, our next generations have been the son F26-Peder Hansen Koefoed (1598 - 1648), then Mads, Oluf, Claus, Jacob, Kirstine and Karen Hansdatter Koefoed. The latter lived as Proprietary on 23 Sg. Østermarie, Koefoedgaard.

It turned weapons on the top left on this page are taken from a drawing on an old copy of the family's nobility letter found in the Royal private archive. The oldest specimens of the family seal, Jul. Bidstrup has seen there during a lap letter, dated September 22, 1595, as F27-Hans Koefoed (1572-16??) from the Proprietary Farm Blykobbegaard in Nyker Parish has helped to seal and sign.

the Proprietary Farm "Blykobbegaard" - Pluggegaardsvej 30, 3700 Ronne, Denmark

Landsforræderen i slægten

F26-Peder Hansen Koefoed (1598 - 1648) got maried January 17, 1619 to M26-Elisabeth Madsdatter Ravn (1??? - 1685). Peder Hansen Koefoed was appointed captain, councilor and later mayor of Ronne. From a valuation, dated 24 April 1625, shows that he does not have the Family weapon in its seal, but a logo with PK above - perhaps it is shown to the right?
In 1645 Peder Hansen Koefoed helped to surrender Bornholm to the Swedish General Wrangel why he was sentenced to dodge the kingdom. After his death his widow received Royal letter, dated June 5, 1649, under which she and the kids got forgiveness for the man and his father committed misconduct. F26-Peder Hansen Koefoed (1598 - 1648) was the owner of several farms, among others, the following: 1 yard in Østerlarsker Parish, 2 farms in Nyker Parish, 1 yard in Ibsker Parish, Kyllingegaarden in Bodilsker Parish, Sosegaarden in Vester Marie Parish, Myregaarden in Nylarsker parish and 1 yard in Hasle. the widow bought Juelsgaard in Aaker Parish.

F26-Peder Hansen Koefoed (1598 - 1648) and M26-Elisabeth Madsdatter Ravn (1??? - 1685) got 15 children, of whom we know of the 7: Oluf Pedersen Koefoed, Mads Koefoed Pedersen Hans Pedersen Koefoed (mentioned in 1658 as a tax collector and Alderman and 1673 as Mayor of bean), our next generations have been the son F25-Jens Pedersen Koefoed (1628 - 1691), Claus, Jørgen and a daughter, who got maried to Vilhelm Clausen nicknamed Kelou. He shot the Swedish colonel and commander Prindsenskiold December 8, 1658, why he got 16 Sg. Rabekkegaard in Knudsker Parish.

At a Epitaphium that stood in Ronne Church, were the following inscription:
"God the glory, and the Church neet, the honest and pious matron Elisabeth
blissful Mayor Peter Kofods survivors left that epitaphium draw and decorate
himself, his and others fine example, Anno 1683
Only God the glory, and the church to neet, this epitaphium paid for and installed,
of honest, high honourable, wise and distinguished man,
Peder Kofod, formerly mayor of Ronne, together with his beloved wife,
honest and pious matron, Elisabeth Mads Ravnsdaatter,
both of which got into the marriage January 17, 1619,
and they were of the Lord in their marriage was 29 years, 11 months
and 7 days, blessed with fifteen children, nine sons and six daughters,
until God the omnipotent December 24, 1648 his death called,
in his age 50 years, 6 months and 9 days. "
Above was Koefoed and wife weapon.
(Thura, descriptions of Bornholm page 133)

In Ronne stood the genus high until 1645, when Citizen Teacher F26-Peder Hansen Kofoed (1598-1648) during the Swedish assault on the island promoted a treaty with the enemy on a fire tax of ten thousand dollars and by his whole country treacherous appearance suffered a judgment to exile. His son Kapitajn F25-Jens Pedersen Kofoed (1628-1691) gave Ronne genus new shine on his part in the uprising against the Swedes in 1658, but had as a result of his marriage settled in Haslemere.

The murderer and national hero of the genus

F25-Jens Pedersen Koefoed (1628 - 1691) committed a murder in his youth, the offense was forgiven according to a Royal Peace Letter, dated December 29, 1658.
In the war between Denmark and Sweden, he served at Ritmester Knud Urnes company, and after peace was concluded in Roskilde February 26, 1658, he returned to the island of Bornholm, which was ceded to Sweden. As the island's inhabitants, however, found the Swedish rule intolerable, he placed himself at the head of an uprising that had the effect that the Swedish colonel and commander Johan Prindsenskiold was shot in Ronne December 8, 1658.
After Bornholm then had conquered their island back from the Swedes, surrendered the island to the Danish King Frederik III of perpetual succession and estate.
Gift letter is company dated 29 December 1658.

F25-Jens Pedersen Koefoed (1628 - 1691), that of Bornholm even to this day is called the "liberator", was given the award for its healthy process royal Exam candidates as captain. Moreover, the king gave him Maglegaard in Ostermarie Parish, free of taxes for life plus 200 dollars a year.

F25-Jens Pedersen Koefoed (1628 - 1691), Danish officer and liberator.

The photo to the left was taken at Frederiksborg Castle of my cousin from U.S. - Joyce Peabody - Great-grandson of F0-Otto August Jensen (1887-1971)
- The images to the right are my enlargements of her photo.
As can be seen, she has photographed the wrong person.
Joyce has promised to return to Denmark and take a new picture. She would like that I remove this picture from my side; but I let it go until she has fulfilled her promise and returned to Denmark to undo the damage.

F25-Jens Pedersen Kofoed (1628 - 1691), Danish officer and liberator.
Kofoed took part in 1657 in the first Karl Gustav War II.
He found himself on the island of his birth Bornholm, as Bornholm by the Peace of Roskilde in 1658 was ceded to Sweden.
Kofoed was among the leading men in the rebellion that same year brought the island back to Denmark.
For his services he was appointed country captain and got peace letter, ie. pardon for a murder committed in 1655
The picture on the left is from The big Dane - Gyldendals open encyclopedia.

F25-Jens Pedersen Koefoed (1628 - 1691) got maried November 3,1653 to M25-Margrethe Sandersdatter (1635 - 1678) - the picture to the right. They get 21 children: First, our next generations have been the daughter M19-Margrethe Jendatter Koefoed (1654 - 1692), Sidsele in 1656, M145-Liisebeth Jensdatter Koefoed (1658 - 1719), Christopher Koefoed (wine merchant in Copenhagen), Elisabeth, Maren, Magdalene (Malene), Hans in 1664, Barbara in 1665, Zander in 1666, Jørgen Jensen Koefoed in 1667 (Lieutenant of the fortress Christiansø; married March 9, 1696 with Catharine Jochumsdatter Thiesen (1669 - 1739) - a rother-daugther (niece) to F122-Andreas Thisen (1631 - 1696), Detlef in 1668, two sets of twins: Christian and Charlotte in 1669, the twins Kirstine Koefoed (marries Peter Thiesen, Svaneke - a brother-son (nephew) to F122-Andreas Thisen (1631 - 1696) and Christence in 1670, Mathias in 1671, Christian in 1672, the twins Karen and Johanne in 1675 and in the end Peter in 1676.
After taht F25-Jens Pedersen Kofoed (1628 - 1691) got 3 children more with his second wife Elisabeth Akeleye (Daughter of Gabriel A., to Ullerup and Bjellerup in Skaane, Lieutenant Colonel in the Swedish Department, later Lieutenant Commander in the Danish Navi and Beate Clausdatter Maccabaeus): Margrethe Elisabeth in 1681, Gabriel in 1683 and Christian in 1689.


At a epitaphium in Ostermarie Church is painted a picture that is supposed F25-Jens Pedersen Kofoed (1628 - 1691) together with his twain wives and 24 children, 12 sons and 12 daughters - added three weapons, namely Jens Pedersen Koefoed own with a buckle, his first wife with a green tree and his second wife with a Akeleye in the shield.
Below is written as follows: "The year 1653 November 3 his Royal Majesty Capitaine, velædle and mannish Jens Koefoed Pedersen come into marriage with honest, virtuous and God loved maid, Margaret Sandesdatter and they lived together 27 years fathered 21 children.
The year 1678 July 28 she died in her age 43 years old, 10 weeks 1 day.
Year 1680 June 19 is noble Mr Capitain for the second time come into marriage with honest and noble virgin Elisabeth Ackeleye, and God their marriage with three long children blessed."

On the top of the epitaphiet hung a flag on which was written Jens Koefoed's birth in Ronne 1628, and his death at Maglegaard July 4 (was May 16) I691 in his age of 63. The epitaphiet is still standing in the church. The flag on the other hand does not exist.

In the period 1653-54 there were on the island a severe plague epidemic - "The Great Death". 5,000 of the island's 13,000 inhabitants died. Many farms were left empty. Fortunately their daughters M19-Margrethe Jendatter Koefoed (1654 - 1692) and M145-Lisebeth Jensdatter Koefoed (1658 - 1719) survived, survived, otherwise none of us who are alive today. After Jul. Bidstrup's family tree lost the couple no children under the plague epidemic. Their first child M19-Margrethe Jendatter Koefoed (1654 - 1692) was born while the plague raged. The second child Sidsel was first born when the epidemic was over in 1656.

The family continues through Jens Pedersen Kofoed's daughter
- Via her daughter - through her daughter - to the great-grandchild

M12-Elisabeth Madsdatter (1749 - 1812),
who marries another of his great-grandchildren
F12-Christen Bendtsen (1742 - 1793)

Great-grandparents to my children's great-grandfather F0-Otto August Jensen (1887 - 1971)


As shown in the figure above - in my walk backwards in our family history - I come into the stories in this page from two of our family's precious mothers - the sisters: M19-Margrethe Jendatter Koefoed (1654 - 1692) and M145-Lisebeth Jensdatter Kofoed (1658 - 1719).

According to the church records for Østermarie Church was M19-Margrethe Jendatter Koefoed (1654 - 1692) was buried April 15,1692. In Jul. Bidstrup's family tree her dead is indicated to June 2, 1692, which according to my research was the date of the probate protocol after her death.
The priest writes that she died 39 years old, which means she would have been born approx. 1653. In Jul. Bidstrup's family tree her birth is indicated to 1654. At a epitaphium in Østermarie Church it is written that her the parents' wedding took place November 3, 1653, so her birth year as first-born child has to be in 1654, as specified by Jul. Bidstrup.
M19-Margrethe Jendatter Koefoed (1654 - 1692) got married at a very young age - probably 17 years old in 1671 - with the 50-year old bachelor F19-Niels Christensen (1621 - 1690) - as Jul. Bidstrup describes it "to 30 Sg. By the Bridge in Ostermarie Parish" (Brogaarden). They had 5 children, s our next generations have beenF16-Christen Nielsen (1677-1720) as the third child in the serie.

In my various sources, there has been little trouble with M145-Lisebeth Jensdatter Kofoed (1658 - 1719). Some places she appears as Elisabeth; but I have chosen to use the name Lisebeth. This name Jul. Bidstrup uses in his family tree in 1686 (called F3-Lisebeth Koefoed). She has the same name in the probate protocol after her husband F145-Hans Clausen Kjøller (1682 - 1689) Juni 13, 1690 (however Lisabeth). In the probate protocol after her father F25-Jens Pedersen Kofoed (1628 - 1691) June 22 and 23, 1691 she is called Lisebeth. In the probate protocol after her dead June 13, 1719 she is called Elisabeth.
M145-Lisebeth Jensdatter Kofoed (1658 - 1719) got married - probably 19 year old in 1677 - to the 35-year old bachelor F145-Hans Kjøller (1642 - 1689) - as Jul. Bidstrup describes it "Faendrik (a military level between the lieutenant and sergeant), to 13. Sg. Kjollergaard in Ibsker Parish". They got 3 children, M143-Margrethe Hansdaughter Kjøller (1679 - 1755) as their second child.


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