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Pictured below is Terry McLean. Terry McLean was born and raised in Virden, Manitoba. His father, a trapper and fur farmer, passed on to him a love and knowledge of the prairie and its wildlife. He started drawing and painting birds and animals at a very early age and has been a full-time professional artist for the past 17 years.
Terry has painted the history of the North West Mounted Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for the past 35 years. One of his paintings was unveiled on December 9, 1982 at R.C.M.P. headquarters building of "D" Division in Winnipeg. He has just painted a winter scene for the R.C.M.P. that is to be used on an exclusive Christmas card for the 1993 holiday season.
Terry and his family are very proud of the artist’s gallery that is located at 418-7th Avenue in downtown Virden, Manitoba. It is open Tuesdays to Saturday with a shut down during the winter months. On display and for sale are his original paintings, sculptures, limited edition art prints, collector plates, gift ware and note cards.
Terry McLean Art Gallery: 418 - 7th. Ave., Box 851, Virden, Manitoba ROM 2CO, Canada. Telephone: 748-2475.

Walsh meets Sitting Bull. Image Size 18½" x 28" $175.00 Canadian $160.00 U.S.
"In late May of 1877 Sitting Bull crossed the U.S. border into Canada with about 5,000 Sioux.
After their triumph over Gen. George A. Custer and the 7th Cavalry at the battle of the Little Bighorn, they traveled north to avoid further confrontation with the U.S. Cavalry.
Probably the most dramatic meeting ever to take place on the Canadian prairie occurred when Inspector James Morrow Walsh with 2 scouts, 3 constables and 1 sergeant met with Sitting Bull about 60 miles southeast of Fort Walsh.
As the small party of North West Mounted Police approached the camp, a good many trophies of the famous Little Bighorn battle were in evidence.
Walsh talked with the great Sioux Chief through an interpreter and agreed they were welcome to stay in Canada, and would be provided with ammunition to hunt buffalo if they obeyed all Canadian laws.
Walsh’s bravery and honesty impressed Sitting Bull and his followers, thus establishing a great respect for all Red Coats."
Text by Terry McLean.
This limited edition print was reproduced from an original oil painting. Five colors were used in the printing process using fade resistant inks. The paper used is 100% rag neutral P.H. fine art paper.
SPOT CHECK. Image Size 18½ x 28" $175.00 Canadian $160.00 U.S.
"A stagecoach, wending its lonely way from one western Canadian town to another, meets two members of the North West Mounted Police on patrol.
Although the pill box cap was officially part of the N.W.M.P. uniform at that time, it was totally unsuitable to the prairies.
These two red coats have provided themselves with the more popular and certainly more useful Stetson, which, at the turn of the century, was adopted as a part of the uniform of the "Mounties" as it is today.
There is no request for driver’s license here, no discussion on speed limits, and if the driver has had a snort or two, well, the horses know where they are going.
It is just a friendly visit on the vast expanse of the Great Plains. The guard and driver exchange news with the corporal; while the constable appears to chat with the lady, rather than the other grizzled, horse smelling pair. When the horses are rested and the "news" has run out, they will be on their way, passing like the proverbial ships in the night on the sea of grass."
Text by Terry McLean.
This limited edition print was reproduced from an original oil painting. Six colors were used in the printing process using fade resistant inks. The paper used is 100% rag neutral P.H. Fine art paper. Text by Terry McLean.

Please Note: Prairie Images was established in 1985. Its objective was to represent western Canada artists with the highest quality of printed limited edition art prints.
To date Prairie Images has published 6 limited edition art prints by Terry McLean.
Dealer inquiries are welcome.

The station in Virden. Foto: Knud-Erik Bornhardt
The C.R.P. station, built in 1906 is a fine example of early fieldstone construction, the two-story building with gable roof and dormers is the only one of its kind in Western Canada.
In the local Art Gallery you can see paintings of this building by the local painter Terry McLean.

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